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Fotógrafo Protetor

Throughout the last four years, I have been working on an animal welfare project which I created myself, called Fotógrafo Protetor (»Protetor», in Portuguese, is the person who takes care and protects animals from cruelty and abandonment). In this project, I used to photograph homeless cats and dogs and tried to intermediate their adoption through social networks. Nonetheless, the project got bigger and was not restricted only to photos. It helped in feeding as well as sterilizing. It has been a very successful project. Hundreds of animals have already been fed, treated, sterilized and adopted.

“When a man has pity on all

living creatures then only

 is he noble."

Gautama Buddha

Are you a member of an animal welfare group in Toronto?  Let's talk.

Since I've arrived here in Toronto, I haven't done too much work in the animal cause. I do miss having contact with dogs and cats which are waiting for adoption, helping them to find their forever home. In home country, I've contributed to change the life of hundreds of pets through my photography, and now I want to do same here in Canada. If you work in some animal welfare group and think that we can make it together, please, write me and let's make the things work out!

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My photography interest in a real engaged way started almost twenty years ago in university, a passion that began in an old all mechanical Nikon FM2 model. It was my first contact with photography beyond point and shot cameras, which started to change my viewpoint not only about photography itself, but also about the world.

During this time, I never wanted to be labeled in just one kind of photography. It does not mean lack of sure about which kind of language I want to print to my work, but an actual identification to all diversity that photography can bring in.

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